Contact Details

If you want to communicate to us:


Daily - at the gate - pass on a request for a phone chat.


Daily - phone or email the following email addresses: for general enquires and email for the headteacher.


For direct contact to teachers:


How we communicate with you:

Our paper letters, our website class pages, gallery, video resource centre, latest news and school newsletters.

In addition we communicate via texts to your mobile phones and longer emails to your given email address, via Iris Parent mail.

Make sure we have any phone or email changes, thank you.

We also have an informal parent group on Facebook, which is run by a couple of teachers and PTFA members. This is purely for parent support, or to double check a date, for example.

If you want to communicate directly on a private matter, please use the class support and admin emails, set out above.

Thank you.smiley



If you want come to visit us, our access is restricted due to Coronavirus guidelines currently. Please telephone us to make a virtual or physical appointment and take a look at our prospectus film on the Welcome Page.


Telephone 01271 860545



If you're able to visit us, there are narrow lanes around our school. At 'rush hour' we operate a walking bus between 8.30 a.m. and 8.55 a.m., to avoid any traffic jams of people and cars.


If you have to drive towards our school, we have voluntary one-way driving system, driving up Rectory Lane, between the bungalows and down Rectory Lane past St John's Church. Please help us by following this route or walking wherever possible.

Please note anyone walking has priority once the lane has no pavement.


Thank you.

Instow Community Primary School

Rectory Lane



EX39 4LU


Please direct all enquiries to our office team: Mrs Woo or Miss Williams

01271 860545