Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Our Teaching Team

Our Teaching Team 1 Mrs Heidi Knight, Headteacher.
Our Teaching Team 2 Mrs Karen Brewer, Trinity Cl 5 Teacher, Maths.
Our Teaching Team 3 Mrs Briony Tuohey, Trinity Cl 5 Teacher, Literacy.
Our Teaching Team 4 Mrs Lesley Turner, Lundy Cl 4 Teacher, SENDCo.
Our Teaching Team 5 Mr Rob Bedford, Hartland Cl 3 Teacher, PE.
Our Teaching Team 6 Miss Katy Graves, Eddystone Cl 2 Teacher, Literacy
Our Teaching Team 7 Mrs Emily Slater, Eddystone Cl 2 Teacher, ICT.
Our Teaching Team 8 Mrs Liz Martin, Crow Point Cl 1 Teacher, Music.
Our Teaching Team 9 Mrs Janet Ryan, Regular Supply Teacher

The captions next to photographs only allow for 50 characters, so here is some more information, so that you know about the skills and experience of our teaching team:


TA - Teaching Assistant, either attached to a Class, running Intervention Groups, or supporting a pupil 1:1.


HLTA - Trained and accredited staff, known as Higher Level Teaching Assistant, able to supervise larger groups of pupils or classes for short periods of time.


MTA - Mealtime Assistant, supporting pupils during the lunch break, either in the dining hall, offering First Aid, or running lunchtime activities.


Thrive - Trained staff who can support the emotional needs of some pupils.


Forest Schools - Accredited staff who are qualified to run outdoor and adventurous learning, either at the beach, or in the forest.



Our Support Team

Our Support Team 1 Mrs Colette Woo, Senior Admin, MTA, Clerk to Govs.
Our Support Team 2 Miss Maria Williams, SEND Admin, MTA.
Our Support Team 3 Mr Robert Mitchell, Caretaker and Cleaner
Our Support Team 4 Mrs Kim Guymer, School Cook
Our Support Team 5 Mrs Paula Harvest, Learning Mentor, FS.
Our Support Team 6 Mrs Sally Worsnop, TA, MTA
Our Support Team 7 Mrs Rebecca Wattley, Music, TA, MTA
Our Support Team 8 Miss Trudi Beer, TA, MTA
Our Support Team 9 Mrs Jenny Smith, Breakfast Club, TA, HLTA, MTA
Our Support Team 10 Mrs Angela Cox, TA, Thrive, MTA.
Our Support Team 11 Mrs Trudi Elphick, TA, Thrive, MTA
Our Support Team 12 Mrs Abbi Vincent, TA, MTA.
Our Support Team 13 Mrs Katie Baines, Breakfast Club, TA, MTA.
Our Support Team 14 Mrs Sharon Webb, Breakfast Club, TA, MTA.

Our Pre School Team

Our Pre School Team 1 Mrs Sharon Goodwin
Our Pre School Team 2 Mrs Sue Marquardt
Our Pre School Team 3 Mrs Abbi Vincent
Our Pre School Team 4 Ms Louise Cook