Visions and Values

Aim High.

Learning together to be the best that we can be.


Our school vision is a community where all children feel safe and secure enough to challenge themselves to reach their full potential. It is supportive learning family where everyone feels valued and our learners develop curiosity and a passion for learning. By equipping our young people with the knowledge, skills and mindset to thrive, we ensure they are ready to take on the world.

We will achieve this vision by placing our children at the heart of all our decisions and actions, including all stakeholders on our journey and by investing in our staff team.

We consulted with staff, parents and the children to form our vision and values and to ensure they represented and served the community. The Core Values are closely linked to our Personal, Social, Health Education scheme of work themes. These are taught half termly and each value is taught in greater depth with a celebration in the last half term.


Our Core Values

  • We have respect

We show respect for ourselves, for each other and for our environment. We respect one another’s right to safety and dignity at school. We will speak to each other with calmness, politeness and civility.

  • We are resilient

We all persevere in the face of challenges and stay clam in stressful situations. We take risks in our learning and understand the value of making mistakes.

  • We  have aspiration

We are aspirational and challenge ourselves to aim as high as we can.

  • We are friends

As a school community, we see each other as friends in our learning journeys. Friends treat each other with empathy and kindness every day

  • We are inclusive

We value each other for who we are and celebrate our differences, the differences in our community and the wider world.