Phonics Support 14th April 2020

Dear parents,

This is an additional email that gives you links to continue to support your child with their reading and phonics.

Children can now use the following apps to support phonics learning in pre-school, YR, Y1 and for some children in Y2:

Teach Your Monster to Read

Read With Phonics

Parents can download these apps from their app provider and then access them as follows:


Teach Your Monster to Read
Children login with their first name and a star code: 1854614

Please ignore the Password box as this is not needed.

This app is set up so that all children access the learning at a level that is appropriate to learn or to recap phonics. For this reason, it is important that your child logs in with their first name.

It may be that, for some of you, there is more than one child with the same first name across Pre-school, Reception and Y1. If the app will not log your child in with their first name only, please add the first letter of your surname without a space e.g. GeorgeC.

When you have logged in once, the app will remember your settings.


Read With Phonics

This app requires no login. Children click on the 'island' that has the phonic sounds they want to learn or recap. They have to work through the sounds in order to unlock the next sound and continue to play.


Kind regards

Mrs Knight and team x