Rights & Responsibilities

At Instow we all have the right to learn, to be respected and to feel safe.


This term, we will all be working together: staff and pupils through House Groups, to promote everyone's rights and that importantly with rights, come personal responsibilities. We are all responsible for our behaviour and the children will be learning more about rights and responsibilities through the following areas:


The right to Learn,

The right to be treated with Respect and

The right to feel Safe.


We will keep you informed of our work, so that everyone understands their rights and responsibilities.


If children misbehave we talk to them, using these guidelines, for example, they may have stopped other children being able to learn, or perhaps they need to think about how they treat others or keep themselves safe.


Children are given advice from our school adults; if their behaviour persists they will have thinking time in the hall. Importantly a school adult will then talk to them, saying,


'What went wrong?',

'How can you make this better?' and

'What are you going to do differently next time?'.


Usually the majority of children learn from these exchanges very quickly and it is important to us that children understand how we forgive and to be able to move on.  

In the rare case of a child who may find it hard to learn from their mistakes, teachers will contact parents for a meeting to look at further support.