Welcome Back Everyone!

New school year information:

The children look so smart and refreshed, ready for their year of learning! Thank you parents and families! we are especially pleased to welcome our new Reception year group and their families to our school community.

  • PE kits are now white T shirts with navy or black shorts, as well as comfortable trainers.
  • If your child has regular medication in school, please ensure it is up to date. Please ensure you let us know about any changes to your child's medical needs too.
  • If you haven't already, please go and have a look at the positive changes in Class 1's learning environment - they now have a little toilet, double doors to ensure in and outdoor learning is happening, and the far end is now a wonderful cloakroom and learning area too!
  • These improvements are part of our plan to upgrade the learning environments for all our classes, but I hope you understand that we have to spread the costs out over the coming years.
  • Now we have our new school website, class news will be published on each class page. Weekly news will still be sent out on Parentmail, as well as appearing on this website.
  • Here are the new names of our classes! The highest vote amongst the school community was for lighthouse names, with rivers and trees coming close seconds:
  • Class 1 is also known as Crow Point Class
  • Class 2 is also known as Eddystone Class.
  • Class 3 is also known as Hartland Class.
  • Class 4 is also known as Lundy Class.
  • Class 5 is also known as Trinity Class.
  • The children are beginning to find out more about each lighthouse and interestingly we found out that Trinity Class is named after Trinity House, the Headquarters for all maritime agencies.
  • I will be sending out more information on Free School Meals for all children up to the end of Year 2 this week.
  • There is a different form to be completed for Pupil Premium funding for our school. If your child is in a family that receives any benefits, has an adopted or fostered child,has a parent in the armed forces, then please complete the form we are sending out. Our school receives £1300 per pupil in order to support the learning of that child, so please take up the offer, it is vital for our funding! We are happy to help anyone  if you have any questions.
  • Clubs are being finalised this week and will start week beginning 22nd September. We'll send out information as soon as we can.
  • If you are interested in one of our two Mealtime Assistant posts, please complete the application form and return it to school by Friday 12th September. You will find all the information you require on our school website.
  • Don't forget that children can safely play the linked computer games on the 'Kidszone page'. We are gradually learning about different features of our new website so that we can showcase children's learning.


All the best

Mrs Knight xx